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  • 企業簡介


    Company profile





    Hebei Zhongxian Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of G+G, G+F, F+F, and 2D touch display and glass-free 3D display screen with 4  national patent technologies in image display and recognition. It has complete core technology of glass-free 3D and a set of solutions of full-lamination, production and display terminals for large, medium and small sizes.

    The company has the first precise production line applied with cylindrical lens technology in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, which used to produce full-lamination glass-free 3D display screen and 2D/TP touch display screen. The company also has core technology of glass-free 3D display image, optical lens design, integrated grating production, grating optics full-lamination and 3D digital rendering algorithm and advanced manufacturing process of 2D/TP touch display.

    The image of the product has the advantages of high brightness, high speed, high precision and strong definition, which can be widely used in tablet display, advertising machine, splicing video wall, video conference, wisdom education, medical image display, command center, electronic sand table, electronic fish tank, 3D background stage and mobile display terminals (mobile phone, PAD, automobile navigation) and other industries and fields.

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